Tucked away in quiet Peace Dale is a family owned business that is about to make the lives of South County’s vehicle owners simple. Known for the past 30 years for its extraordinary ability to repair damaged vehicles to “like-new” condition, Advanced Auto Body has recently increased its capacity to provide greater and even more efficient service for its customers.

The company’s ability to complete repair work on damaged vehicles in a timely fashion is enhanced with the addition of a state-of-the art USI ITALIA paint booth. The booth’s completely sterile environment assures a faultless finish on every vehicle and dries the vehicle faster – making it possible to apply a factory-like finish. The filtering system in the booth cleans the air and protects the health of the company’s technicians…both of which are incredibly important to this environmentally and employee concerned company. Maybe that is why some of its employees have been with the company for over 25 years!

Increased room means more room to work on parts of many vehicles at a time. Now they can begin work on a vehicle when it enters the shop—space is not an issue.

Speaking of timely repairs… numerous insurance companies have chosen Advanced Auto for their Direct-Repair program. This authorizes Advanced Auto Body to evaluate the required repair work and provide this information and pictures of the damage to insurance adjusters. The approval is based on Advanced Auto Body’s evaluation…meaning you don’t have to wait a week or two for an insurance company’s appraiser to get to the shop.

The best part of all of this expansion is that you still get the same dedicated people who are committed to providing the best service and quality work. One difference you will see is the inviting new waiting room. If you bring your vehicle in for an oil or tire change or other quick repair, you can now hunker into a comfortable space and enjoy a moment of quiet, sip a ten cent coke or spend some time chatting with the friendly personnel. Wendy and Julie will cheerfully schedule your appointments or answer questions about your vehicle repair, and Michael will gladly share information on their newest equipment that helps make them so efficient. Behind the scene, the same mechanics and technicians continue working to return your vehicle in perfect condition. Perhaps the best news about Advanced Auto’s expansion is that now you do not have to wait for an accident to meet the wonderful people in this company or to benefit from their extraordinary ability to service all of your automobile needs.

In 1981 when Michael Pucino added body repair to the then 26 year old family business, his primary goal was to provide exceptional auto body repair for vehicles damaged in an accident. As he became increasingly aware of the need for mechanical repair of the damaged vehicles, he brought equal attention to those details as well.

The mechanics of Advanced Auto generally work on vehicles with extreme motor or engine problems; now they have space to bring their expertise to individuals seeking quality general vehicle maintenance.

Advanced Auto mechanics are schooled in identifying potential safety issues and in identifying the best way to fix both minor and major mechanical problems. Whether you need an oil change, tire replacement, rotation or balancing, new spark plugs or a whole new engine, Advanced Auto Body now has the space to service your vehicle. With this service, you will be guaranteed the level of efficiency, attention to detail and quality service that has helped make Advanced Auto Body a trusted provider of automobile maintenance and body repair.