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Do you know if the person working on your vehicle after a collision is a trained repair professional? If you’re like most people, the answer is no.

But you should make sure a shop is committed to ongoing training. Proper repair techniques are changing faster than ever and yesterday’s collision repair knowledge won’t result in the proper repairs that keep your family safe.

Advanced Auto Body is one of approximately 20% of the collision repair shops that currently meet the training standards needed to achieve the Gold Class® designation. These requirements were designed specifically to reflect the knowledge a shop needs to understand and properly repair today’s vehicles. Gold Class™ businesses have the training necessary for:

Complete, Safe and Quality Repairs

When your vehicle has been in a collision, you may worry that your car will never look or drive the same again. But collision repair professionals return collision-damaged vehicles back to their proper structural and cosmetic condition every day. Complete, safe and quality repairs depend upon several requirements, including:

  • The right training. A shop without up-to-date training and specialists in all the main collision repair roles may lack the knowledge to repair your vehicle safely.
  • The right tools and equipment. A shop without the right equipment and infrastructure cannot measure and return vehicles back to within manufacturer specifications. Gold Class businesses have trained specialists who contribute to a complete, safe and quality repair. They train to be up-to-date on repair techniques and vehicle technologies. And they are also trained to have knowledge of, and experience using, the proper tools and equipment. However, equipment and infrastructure verification is not currently a requirement for the Gold Class designation.

Finding Hidden Damage

If your car is in an accident, it may suffer damage you cannot see — including structural damage that can compromise its integrity and increase your risk of serious injury in a later collision. Damage to your vehicle’s structure can affect the operation of your car’s crumple zones and airbag timing, turning what should be a minor accident into one that can jeopardize your life. Gold Class shops know how to:

  • Find hidden damage
  • Perform a complete and accurate damage analysis report for front, side and rear impacts
  • Diagnose damage to restraint systems, electrical systems and advanced materials
  • Perform structural repairs and restore steering and suspension performance
  • Determine which parts can be repaired and which need to be replaced

Using Current Repair Procedures

Today, your vehicle is a high-tech machine and the procedures needed to repair it properly can sometimes change significantly from one model year to the next.

Complicating things further, new vehicle technologies are being introduced all the time. More than 200 vehicle debuts or redesigns are planned for the next three years alone. Many will have new safety technologies and new lightweight designs that will demand new collision repair procedures.

The Gold Class recognition program is the highest role-relevant training achievement recognized by the collision repair industry. To earn and maintain Gold Class recognition, businesses must achieve and maintain a high level of training across each of the major collision repair roles. I-CAR is the industry standard for training and is chartered to assist the collision repair industry with programs that help industry individuals and businesses develop and access the information, knowledge and skills for these repairs. Collision repair professionals at Gold Class shops train every year to stay current with new repair procedures and new technologies. So when you choose a Gold Class business, you know you’ve chosen a shop with the up-to-date knowledge that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs.

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